About Us

We at IGloss Repair, located in Edmonton, Alberta are one of the topmost online & onsite customer service providing companies from the last 1 year as we have employed highly experienced teams of expert and dedicated technicians for dealing with every technical problem of our clients. Our hard working and specifically trained technicians at IGloss Repair take up every technical challenge of our clients, work on them very efficiently, come up with the best possible solutions and also answer all the queries of our clients while doing the needful. These technicians are known to provide the best service for laptops, personal computers or desktops, antivirus softwares, routers, wifi extender devices and printers of various brands for which they are trained specifically from time to time so as to match up their service giving skills with the most recent and updated products of all the brands.
The complete onsite service & repair provided by us and our technicians for different electronic devices includes laptop & desktop service, antivirus software service, printer service, router service and wifi extender service. We at IGloss Repair provide complete laptop service and desktop service of various reputed laptop and PC brands for all our clients to efficiently solve all their offline as well as online technical problems. Both software as well as troubles of our clients get very conveniently solved by our expert technicians. Our complete laptop and desktop service giving technicians also deal with making the clients learn about space management, online protection and safely booting- up the systems. We provide full antivirus service for different antivirus softwares by helping our clients in downloading, installing and operating various updated and advanced antivirus softwares of different brands.
Our technicians also help the clients in running the already listed manual scans in the systems and also in customizing the manual scans according to their usage and needs. Our technicians also excel in providing complete assistance and full printer service to our customers for wisely choosing the best one according to their needs and then successfully installing and operating that printer. Not only in the printers, but also in all- in- one printers which contain the features of printing, scanning, copying and fax- our hard working technicians provide commendable service giving services in helping the clients for installing, operating and using the highly advanced features of those devices. We offer full time availability in providing full router service to our clients for successfully connecting, installing and operating latest and updated routers of different brands. Enhanced data transfer rates, smoother data flow and increased internet speeds are some of the major priorities of our specialized router service where connectivity and other operating errors are solved very efficiently and to a completely satisfying extent. Setting up an internet connection at home or workplace and facing speed problems or connectivity problems is definitely not a very big deal when our clients deal with our expert and highly experienced technicians. They specialize in helping the clients in installing best of wifi extender devices to enjoy smooth data flows, increased internet speeds and elaborated wifi regions at homes and workplaces and thus provide the best of service giving services.
We at iGloss Repair provide complete service giving services while following No fix No pay policy along with selling laptops, desktops, printers and routers of various excelling brands to our more than 10000 customers which are even further increasing because of our expert assistance and complete guidance. We deal with the most uniquely designed, genuinely manufactured and originally assembled products of various brands like Apple/ Mac, Toshiba, HP, Lenovo etc. We literally sell all types of computers i.e. all the trending and updated computers, desktops and laptops along with their accessories. Besides antivirus softwares, routers, personal computers or desktops, laptops, printers and other computer accessories, we also sell all types of computer softwares and offer full time availability in providing complete service giving services for them. Our first and foremost priority while dealing with all our clients is maintaining a very healthy and friendly relationship with them may it be while selling them our products, asking them about their technical problems or while providing complete assistance for solving their problems. This is just to make sure that our clients get a very humble and friendly atmosphere to share all their technical problems and ask about their queries. We make sure to provide specialized training to all our laptop, desktop and other devices’ service providing technicians so that they get equipped with the most recent and timely required service giving skills and become completely able to give 100% customer satisfaction. No matter the users are experienced or inexperienced, kids or adults- but when they have our technicians with them for technical service- literally nothing can harm their systems.